Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Let's walk to school in La Mina, Dominican Republic

Cuando (when) leaving for school today we look back at our casa (house).

En el comienzo de nuestro viaje podemos ver La Mina, nuestro destino.
(In the beginning of our journey we can see La Mina, our destination)

Hay muchas nubes bonito en el cielo hoy.
(there are many nice clouds in the sky today)

We have many fine vacas (cows) here
and a few new calfs that were born recently.
Nos dan leche fresca todos los días.
(they give us fresh milk everyday)

Ahora caminamos por la única calle de La Mina.
(now we walk down the only street of La Mina)

Nos reunimos (we meet) Macier
who likes to walk with her art teacher to class
and take his photo.

Along the way we greet our amigas (friends)

Some houses sit high above the street.

Gideon está en la escuela hoy. Hola Gideon! Como esta?

En el camino a casa nos visite nuestra estudiante Javier y su abuela.
(on the walk home we visit our student Javier and his grandmother)

Temprano por la noche vemos la puesta de sol.
(early evening we watch the sunset)

This is a time to relax and appreciate our lives here.

Y asi volvemos a nuestra hogar de La Luna Azul.
(and so we return to our home of The Blue Moon)

Donde el camarero está durmiendo.
(where the bartender is sleeping)

Toda la vida es una siesta para un gato.
(all life is a nap for a cat)

Buenas noches Bella, dormir bien.
(goodnight Bella, sleep well)

Hasta Mañana!

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Fun, work and learning in La Mina, Dominican Republic

Ahora empezamos nuestras clases de infografias.
(now we begin our classes in computer graphics).

Bien ahora vamos a trabajar (ok now let's go to work)

Chicos y chicas like to segregate themselves by gender
en la cultura dominicana (in Dominican culture).

Pero a todos lo que les gusta divertirse y aprender.
(but they all like to have fun and learn)

Así que durante el día, trabajamos, aprendemos y nos divertimos.
Entonces por la noche nos divertimos mas.
(so during the day we work, we learn and we have fun
then for the evening we have more fun)

Y ahora los chicos bailan. (and now the boys dance)

Y las chicas aplauden. (and the girls clap)

After a fun day of work, learning and jugar (play)
we say buenas noches to our night watchman.

Muchas gracias Nelson for watching over us durante la noche.
Hasta Mañana!

A night of music, dance and laughter in La Mina, Dominican Republic

Tenemos esta noche (we have tonight ) the first of our music appreciation nights. We are beginning with the music of the Caribbean and Latin America. Entonces on other nights we will listen to music of many other cultures and genres.

Tenemos la suerte (we have the luck) to have our amigo Malo here.
Malo has traveled extensively and made an informal study
of the music of many paises latino (latin countries).
He informed us of the many ritmos (rhythms)
we heard, and the significance of
muchas cantas (many songs).
Gracias Malo!

Pero entonces ...
Bailarmos !!!
(But then. We dance!)

Las chicas (the girls) put on a show.

Esta es una gran fiesta !!!
(this is a great party)

Y manaña por la noche (tomorrow night)
vamos a hacerlo de nuevo! (we will do it again)

Hasta luego!

Friday, April 19, 2013

A Sunny Day in La Mina, Dominican Republic

Hoy (today) the 4 years olds completed their artworks for el dia de los muertos.

Tenemos mucho sol de hoy (we have much sun today)
So we let el sol work for nosotros (us)

Ayer (yesterday) was a day of lluvia (rain) ...

... y los perros dormir (and the dogs sleep) ...

... entonces juegan! (then they play!).

Tambien hoy Yo (also today I) went to see one of our vecinos (neighbors).

Our local seamstress señora Sylvia repaired mis camisas (my shirts).

Muchas Gracias señora Sylvia!

Adios! Hasta Luego!

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Bienvenidos a La Ruth & Werner Plaut Kindergarten en La Mina, Dominican Republic

Today in the preschool we finished creating our artwork
for "El Dia De Los Muertos"

The children had un monton de diversion (a mountain of fun). We assembled our skeletons on construction paper and added una guitarra, estrellas y la luna (a guitar, stars and the moon).

We drew in los ojos, la nariz y la boca (the eyes, nose and mouth). Many of the skeletons were triste (sad). Perhaps because el dia de los muertos is not until November. Entonces, they are waiting for their families to honor them.

We began our project by reading un libro para los niños (a book for childern) written by the world renowned author/artist Bob Barner.

Tenemos (we have) many other exciting art projects
planned for the upcoming semanas (weeks).

A true blessing these precious children.

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Y muchas gracias!

Hasta Luego!